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The Story of Work

Transform a local labor market report into an effective tool to tell the story of work in our region

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Industries by Wage and Growth

Comparison of Franklin/Hampshire to Hampden

Employment by firm size

A clear dichotomy exists between how employers are distributed by size relative to where employment is concentrated.

Among the 6,602 establishments in Franklin/Hampshire, 62.9% had fewer than 5 employees. These firms, however, accounted for just 7.5 % of all jobs in the region.

Reinforcing this dichotomy is that nearly 90% of all establishments in Franklin/Hampshire have fewer than 20 employees but comprise less than 30% of total employment in the region.

Conversely, the 133 employers in the region with at least 100 employees (1.7%) are responsible for 44% of the workforce area's employment.

Journey to Work

Two thirds of the region's employed residents work in Franklin/Hampshire. Not surprisingly, Hampden County is the most common commuting destination with nearly 1 in 6 residents working in the county.

From the employer vantage point, three quarters of their workforce comes from Franklin/Hampshire. This share is larger because of a net outflow of workers (12,354) from Franklin/Hampshire. In total, 93% of all workers come from Franklin/Hampshire (76%) and Hampden (17%).